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Pink used to be my favorite color. I was all about it… now, not so much. But I still had enough pink in my life to participate in You Capture this week! I am actually really excited about these photos because I thought I wouldn’t have any pink to capture at all! And I thought I wouldn’t have time, considering that it is exam week. Ha, yeah, well beat that exams!

Pink toes and my favorite pink blanket, while studying.

Pink light.

Studying hard in the lounge with pink streamers.

Pink umbrella and my friend, Kate. 🙂 (my favorite pink photo)


As I write this post, I am eating a delish veggie bagel sandwich from einsteins. Oh, einsteins, I love you. My sandwich is not pink, otherwise I would post a picture of it. This sandwich reminds me of my good friend Danielle, who is in Thailand right now! 🙂 One time, Danielle got this sandwich when we went to lunch and I said, “hey that looks like a good sandwich.” So now I get it and I think of her every time. Funny how you remember things like that.

Now I am done with my non-pink sandwich so I better not delay my studying anymore. I have my last political science exam in about FIVE hours and I will feel so so so relieved after that.

Thanks for reading!


is it still friday?

today seems to be lasting forever. i have done a lot, thought a lot, felt a lot. friday, i am so over you.

in other news, (or not so much) my life right now is frustrating and not ideal. summer is coming. it is going to be here in approximately SEVEN days. here i sit. and i was supposed to have plans. you know… the ones where i leave on some grand adventure, help the world, learn lots, and come back changed.

my plans as of right now include nothing of the like and plain old saddening me. i thought for many days, weeks, even over the past year that i would not be home in grand rapids this summer. i felt like it was time to go, get out and experience something. first it was ghana. then it was chile. then it was ghana again. then it was a national park. now? plans fell through and well, surprise, i am left with no plans. over the past month, it became clear to me that things weren’t working out and that i should just give up. okay. so i’m giving up. and i know, i know, i can still travel in my life. and yes, this summer may turn out to be goooood (everyone keeps telling me that).

just understand. moving down the street 10 minutes (home, of all places) and taking statistics four days a week does not sound like much fun to me. the only good thing about this is that i will be with snickers again.

the other sad thing about all this? i decided to quit my job with lovely old folks for various reasons and now i am jobless. purposeless. moneyless. and as much as i tell myself i don’t need to work, i will find myself searching the job board, craigslist, anything that may give me some hope and money and excitement again.

i am tired of life. tired of trying to figure it out. and just tired.

i just keep wondering, God, what is your plan for me? and why is it soo hard to figure out??

sorry to be sad. sorry you had to read this. but thanks, if you did.

Spring has not really arrived yet here in Grand Rapids… I’m still waiting on the sunshine and warmer weather. I can’t wait to wear my Sperry’s without socks. Instead, I wear my rain boots. And a couple days ago, I could even wear my snow boots! Oh well, I know spring is on it’s way. I can feel it.

I’m talking spring because that’s the theme of you capture this week. Here are my photos:

Daises, my favorite.

Being (almost) done with school screams spring to me.

I took this last picture outside of Olive Garden. I spotted this budding tree while I was inside, enjoying a lovely meal and I thought it would be perfect for the theme this week. That’s what photo challenges do, people… they get inside your mind, and you tend to notice things you usually wouldn’t pay attention to! It’s a beautiful thing.

Aside from taking my pictures, I am running around like a crazy woman preparing for finals and moving out. The rest of the semester is going to be a whirlwind. That’s why every now and again, I need to stop. And breathe. And read some blogs. And then write on my own blog! 🙂

Oh, before I go, I want to share a really cool project that my blog-friend, Beth, is doing. She just started an Etsy shop. There’s really awesome photography you can purchase and all the proceeds go to March of Dimes. Check out Beth’s site for more information and then go to June Afternoons on Etsy, ok!?


It’s been a while since I have participated in You Capture, a weekly photo challenge. This week’s challenge was smile. (You capture is brought to you by Beth at: Smiles were not hard to capture, since there are a lot of smiley people in my life!

Kevin and I had a lovely date night with our dear friends, Jonathan and Jenn. Jenn is a professional photographer. Check her out: She’s seriously gifted and talented. We introduced Jon and Jenn to one of the BEST local restaurants in town, Mr. Burger. I have been to Mr. Burger a million times, ever since I was a little girl. Kevin and I adopted it as our place (meaning: we like it a lot and we go there often, ha). It was a joy spending some quality time there with our friends.

Now onto the smiles… 😀