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I have just begun my last semester in college. Oh my. It’s pretty crazy! As I sat in classes this week, I tried to take everything in, engraining things in my mind so I can remember for years and years. I know that if this semester is anything like last semester, it’s going to fly by and all of the sudden I will be moving on from all of this. So I must take it slow, day-by-day, and just enjoy.

Well, I have some photos from the last day of Christmas break! I spent my last day of break with Kevin. We went to Wealthy Street Bakery and did some wedding plans. We ate at a hotdog place that both of us have never been to before! And we started and finished our search for a home. But more on that later! 🙂


I just went through most of my photos from the past year. Pulling out only 10 photos for this weeks challenge was tough. 2011 was a really good year indeed. I ran a 5K, started the social work program at GVSU, was an RA, traveled on a mission trip to Philadelphia, witnessed a best friend getting married, and got engaged to my love! 🙂

Here are some of my favorite photos (and memories) from 2011.

My door.

My best friends.

My trip.

My dog.

My Grandma.

My fiance.

My family.

My friend and her new hubby.

My love.

Here’s to you, 2012. 🙂