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The you capture theme for this week was anything that begins with the letter “L.” I thought this was fun and creative so I thought I would give it a try! You all should really do you capture. You can find out more about it on this blog:¬† Well, my photos aren’t that creative. I had to resort back to my point and shoot camera this week since Kevin has the Nikon. But I hope you enjoy all the same!


Loose-leaf tea. (double “L” winnnnn!)




Hi there! I’m just so excited to blog tonight because I have time to. Man, where is this time coming from today? I love, love, love it! I’m not rushing. I’m relaxed. And I’m doing what I want to do. It’s a good feeling. ūüėÄ

Anyway, I want to share a monumental moment that happened in my life this weekend. Yes, monumental. This past Saturday, I took part in the Winter Blast 5k. I signed up back in December over break, when I ran about a mile every 5 days or so. I knew I wanted to run in a 5k and despite my loathe for running in earlier years, I had a new mindset. Running was becoming a part of my habitual routine. I can do this. I can do this. And this weekend, I did.

My awesome friend Alise and I took on this 5k together, which made it so much more fun and doable. We trained together, running at the rec center, turf building, and outside, keeping each other accountable and having fun while doing so. Saturday morning we went to the race feeling pumped and throughout the race, we stayed side by side. I ran while listening to “marvelous light” and “whip my hair,” feeling my ever-so-tired legs press on beneath the cool February sun.

1mile. Yes, feeling good.

2miles. Oh boy, I’m kinda tired.

3miles. So. Close.

And the finish. It felt so good to finish. I will be running more races in the future. And each time I will push myself even further, relishing in the ability to make goals and achieve those goals. I heard once that you should do something every day that allows you to be closer to accomplishing a goal. So I often think of that advice and it really does help when wanting to achieve something.

I’ll leave you with a couple pics from the race!

Life is full of ups and downs. Usually I write about the ups.

And tonight, well… I’m a little down. (I guess I’ll let the world see this side of me too, once in a while).

It seems like I am just wanting something more. Not a good feeling to have. Especially tonight, I am sad because I am studying for a midterm… I have already taken this class but didn’t meet the grade requirement for my program. I am wallowing in my sorrows because it seems unfair and I can’t help but already feeling defeated by it. And all I want is to not be studying for this exam. I already took the class! Frustrating.

I am waiting, wishing and hoping for the future. For something new again. Travel, new surroundings, unfamiliarity, spontaneity. Just something different than this lame old schedule.  And this lame old class.

I am definitely in need of a spring break. Please come sooner. Come sooner! 18 days and you will be here and maybe I will feel revived again.

I used to write in a journal everyday. Or close to everyday. And now, I don’t really. I’m not sure what has changed but I miss writing and I need to get back to it. I was going to write tonight, and here I am, writing on here. Oh well, at least I am writing right?


Well, I want to share with anyone who is reading just how excited I am for spring break this year. Every year since I came to college, I have chosen to go on a mission trip. One of the best decisions of my college¬†career. Spring breaks are the highlight of my year. Not because I am off of school for a week, even though that is a plus. It’s because spring breaks have shaped me, changed me, and taught me. They will always be in my memory… I can remember my trip to Mescalero, NM like it happened just the other day.

In Mescalero, I was introduced for the first time to a more outwardly way of living life as a Christian. This was something that I was totally unfamiliar with, even though I had Jesus in my heart and living for him was important. But I formed bonds with the best group of people I could ever imagine. And I learned from them and the people of New Mexico how to really love Jesus Christ. I became obsessed with the worship song “Price of Peace” and I still listen to it now. I think of those days in Mescalero, with strangers who became my brothers and sisters.

In Boston, I was taught the importance of being a self-less leader. I chose to lead the trip with Kevin and we were stretched and tested in various ways, both in our relationship and as leaders. God met my team in many different situations, from playing with kids to eating food with people in the community. The Jubilee house and the family who lives there made a lasting impression on me and I know that today they are there still, sharing the love of God with people who need it most.

In 25 days I will be in a mystery location. I chose to go on the mystery trip this year, after much hemming and hawing and not knowing where God wanted me to be. I know that God has a plan and I am trusting in Him. His ways are more important than mine and so far, that is what this trip is teaching me thus far. It is not about the location. It’s not about who you are serving. It’s the idea that wherever you are… whatever you are doing… are you being the light of God? Not that profound, but it’s easier said than done.


I am challenging myself to prepare for my trip happening in just 25 measly days… in prayer, being humble, being available, and being teachable.