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This night has been filled with distractions. I have much to do. Ohhh yes, there are lots of things to do including a huge bulletin board to fill, lots of reading, and papers to write. They can wait, right? After my 12 hour day today (with barely any breaks), I would just like to write. Relax. Talk about happiness, the theme from you capture last week.

Lots of happiness has been occurring in my life lately.

One of my best friends, Kristina, is off on her study abroad experience in Spain. We threw her a going away party and I am so so excited for Kristina and her adventure!!! I am sad she is away, but happy she is pursuing her dreams.

Happiness is being surrounded by your very best friends.

Birthdays bring me tons of happiness. The fact that it is someone’s own, special day just excites me. Yesterday was Kevin’s birthday and I made a cheesecake (his favorite!). It was my first time making a cheesecake from scratch but I loved it and it turned out wonderfully!

Happiness is celebrating another year of life.

I have experienced a lot of happiness in my relationship. Not to be all mushy mushy-gushy but how can I talk about happiness without mentioning my love?  😉

Happiness is loving the one you’re with.


There’s so many beautiful reasons I have to be happppppy. (Listen to the song Happy by Natasha Beddingfield, ok? It’s a great song.)

P.S.  Maybe next time I’ll post pictures that I actually capture instead of someone else capturing me! haha


A little snapshot what I did today… and on the list of what my day consisted of (class, staff meeting, ect.) this was the highlight, for sure. I don’t have a picture of the finished product. Lame, I know. Kristina and I made peanut butter brownies. YUM. Want the recipe? Go to–

the necessities.

one of my fav ingredients.

one of my fav friends.

lunch for two.

finished product picture to come. maybe.

Today has been/is an RA-filled day. And it’s Friday too! It doesn’t quite feel like Friday to me. Too much work has been done today for it to feel like my normal hangout-lay around-do nothing kind of Friday. Nonetheless, I have found myself reflecting on my job (the job that has pretty much completely taken over my life, not in a bad way) today.

I started off the day by going to RA interviews. This time, two years later than when I interviewed for the first time, I found myself sitting on the other side of the table. This time, I was helping interview new candidates for the position. I listened instead of talking. I was calm instead of worried. I was in the role, not hoping, praying, wishing for the role.

Two and a half years ago, I entered college and I found out that a goal of mine was to become a resident assistant. I had to do it. I knew I could do it and I was meant to do it. At first I lost the battle and I was not hired. Crushed, but ever believing. So I tried again and here I am today, writing and reflecting on the journey that has become my new job, my new life.

I am thankful on days like these… today I saw the hopes of becoming from many candidates. It humbled me to think, to remember that I have been blessed this year. I get to do what not many people do on a college campus. I am here for a reason. And on the days that I struggle to maintain my composure in such a crazy role as an RA, I will remember that I am blessed. On the days that I want to have awesome roommates, free weekends, and no more programming, I will remember that I am blessed.

I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds. Psalm 9:1

I have come to the conclusion that for me, it is hard to blog without pictures. Photos seem to give a post purpose. Tonight there will be no photos. And maybe no purpose, ha.

Another weekend has flown by… and I am sitting at my work, just ate a bunch of razzles, contemplating the week ahead. It’s been a little hard getting back in the swing of things, I decided. You see, over break, I did whatever I wanted! I LOVED it! And now? Well, not there are just too many things on my plate again.

This semester, I am going to strive for more “me” time, more relaxation, more peaceful activities, and less stress. I have been mindfully trying to be less stressed lately and well, I have good days and bad days with that. But. The point is that I am trying. On my list of stressless activities are: reading for pleasure (I really want to read Bittersweet again), taking more bubble baths (not possible in my dorm though.. sad), sitting on my couch and watching the food network for hours (that’s not lazy right?). I realize school comes first, blah blah blah. But when my work is done, you know what I’ll be doing. 😉 I think sometimes I create stress for myself and then I am just a sad girl. Just a stressed, sad girl. So being at peace in my mind is just as important as those bubble baths.

After this week? I’m going to get a massage. Yep, that’s right. I won’t be stressin’.


It’s a new year. Here. We. Go. I like the thought of a new year, but I am not one to make a huge fuss over a new year. I really think resolutions are only for the seriously committed, someone who is not me (when it comes to most things). No, I cannot say that I will run 5x a week this year. But I can make choices every day. It’s wonderful knowing that I have the power to choose and make up my own mind about things in my life. I think every day should be approached in the way that everyone approaches a new year.  A new day is just as exciting, isn’t it? And isn’t it easier to choose and make day-by-day decisions than it is long-term decisions?

I was looking through pictures for my 10 favorite photos from this past year for You Capture this week, which was really fun to do. You should do it too! And then make a blog and post them! Okay? Ok! (by the way, I get super pumped when people I know make blogs. I read them and thoroughly enjoy them!) Anyway, here are my top 10 photos!

One. Poolside, visiting my brother over the holiday break. (Winter 2010. Tempe, AZ)

Two. Discovering photography, a new kind of art for me. (Spring. Boston, MA)

Three. Leading a mission trip with my best friend. (Spring. Boston, MA)

Four. Visiting build-a-bear for my 20th birthday. So much fun! (Spring. Chicago, IL)

Five. Learning how to sew and creating a “craft corner” in my home. (Summer. Grand Rapids, MI)

Six. Spending time in the sun, hiking, swimming and wearing keens. (Summer. Grand Haven, MI)

Seven. Becoming an RA and being part of an awesome staff. (Fall. Grand Rapids, MI)

Eight. Experiencing fall in West MI, pumpkins and all. (Fall. Greenville, MI)

Nine. Quality time with best friends. (Fall. Ann Arbor, MI)

Ten. More friends and my love, celebrating the new year. (Winter, 2010 [almost 2011]. Lansing, MI)

ringing in the new year


“There may be a thousand little choices in a day. All of them count.” Thanks for reading! 🙂

Sooo I got this really great cupcake book for Christmas and over break thus far, I told myself I will make cupcakes. I have always loved cupcakes. More than cake. More than cookies. More than anything really! I really felt my love for cupcakes blossom when I went to a darling little cupcake shop in Ann Arbor this past fall. Now I just want to bake them. ALL THE TIME… And maybe even eat them afterwards. 😉

Kristina and I decided together which cupcake, out of the MANY that are listed in my new book, to make. The outcome? Delicious COOKIES & CREAM CHEESECAKES. They were really easy to make and are yummy.

Go bake something!!!

For you capture this week, the theme was holiday favorites. I have many favorites from this holiday season…

#1 a good cup of java– my parents make coffee only about five times a day so the coffee at our house is definitely plentiful. I especially love holiday mugs.

#2 being home– Christmas decorations and a fire. Wonderful things that come with being at home during the holiday season.

#3 food– and sharing a meal while everyone is home for the holidays. This year, my dad made french toast on Christmas morning. YUM.

#4 santa– still giving after 20 years 😉


Hope your holidays were splendid! And happy new year!