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I just went through most of my photos from the past year. Pulling out only 10 photos for this weeks challenge was tough. 2011 was a really good year indeed. I ran a 5K, started the social work program at GVSU, was an RA, traveled on a mission trip to Philadelphia, witnessed a best friend getting married, and got engaged to my love! 🙂

Here are some of my favorite photos (and memories) from 2011.

My door.

My best friends.

My trip.

My dog.

My Grandma.

My fiance.

My family.

My friend and her new hubby.

My love.

Here’s to you, 2012. 🙂



Christmas is a coming. 🙂 Before it’s here, I have a few festive photos to share!

Little snowmen cupcake toppers. So cute. They look like an army of snowmen when they are all together!

This is my mom’s Christmas sweater, now my Christmas sweater. I’ve worn it a lot since I’ve been home from break. It’s cozy, cherry and festive.

And my family’s lovely tree. I put a few ornaments on it this morning because it wasn’t looking very festive before.

Merry Christmas!!!


This is my small, little, perfect Christmas tree in my apartment. It plugs into my computer and shines, changes colors, and gives my whole room a soft glow.


Trees are wonderful. I love them so much! Really, I do. I love the way they change based on the season, and in Michigan, they really change. They can be full of vibrant colors, bare, leafy green, small, BIG! I love the way trees line neighborhood streets, like each one was placed so perfectly.

I went to Silver beach the other weekend, in the little town of St. Joe, and found some trees there… of all places!


Sweet, sweet summertime.

Picnic time with my love!

Little field of daises!

My beautiful best friends, while exploring the great outdoors!


Hello, world! 🙂 I am writing this with a happy heart. I am the happiest I have ever been, I believe. I have exciting news to write about at some point (so check back for that soon!) but for now, I am sharing my photo challenge from this week.

This week’s theme was water! These shots are in manual mode, which I am pumped to be learning about from my wonderful photographer friend Jenn! (Thanks Jenn!)

I love water. Whether it’s water in my favorite cup, with maybe a slice of lemon, to the vastness of water that is on the shores of Lake Michigan, to the water that drips from my dog’s slobbery mouth. Water is so, so good.


I love playing games. My favorite? Cranium. So creative. So fun. So everything wonderful. I also love Candyland, Yahtzee, Uno, Bop it & Spoons… ya know, all the good ones. This week, I captured games in action. I wish I would have played more. Firstly, because I love them so much. And secondly, because then I would have more pictures!

This first pic is of my darling little cousin, Nicholas. I actually captured this a couple weeks ago without the intention of using it for this post. So I’m breaking the rules a little, don’t tell. 😉 He is just too adorable to be left out, don’t you think?

My family loves playing spoons. Spoons gets everyone all riled up, screaming and squealing. I love it.

Kevin and I played Yahtzee the other day. He won one game and I won the other. Good thing, because we are both competitive. I can’t handle loosing very well… sigh…

So, what’s your favorite game??


This past week, I did my best at capturing some outdoor pictures. I even went on a couple walks outside with the intent of getting some good ones. I’m loving on some spring weather… the sun is shining, trees and flowers are blooming, and summer is on it’s way! Woohoo!

Have a look and see for yourself 😀

This last one may or may not really fit into the “outside” category but hey, who could resist a pup like this? World, meet Snickers. He will be mentioned on my blog a lot this summer because we spend quality time together everyday. He’s the best.

Happy Spring! And Happy May!


Pink used to be my favorite color. I was all about it… now, not so much. But I still had enough pink in my life to participate in You Capture this week! I am actually really excited about these photos because I thought I wouldn’t have any pink to capture at all! And I thought I wouldn’t have time, considering that it is exam week. Ha, yeah, well beat that exams!

Pink toes and my favorite pink blanket, while studying.

Pink light.

Studying hard in the lounge with pink streamers.

Pink umbrella and my friend, Kate. 🙂 (my favorite pink photo)


As I write this post, I am eating a delish veggie bagel sandwich from einsteins. Oh, einsteins, I love you. My sandwich is not pink, otherwise I would post a picture of it. This sandwich reminds me of my good friend Danielle, who is in Thailand right now! 🙂 One time, Danielle got this sandwich when we went to lunch and I said, “hey that looks like a good sandwich.” So now I get it and I think of her every time. Funny how you remember things like that.

Now I am done with my non-pink sandwich so I better not delay my studying anymore. I have my last political science exam in about FIVE hours and I will feel so so so relieved after that.

Thanks for reading!

Spring has not really arrived yet here in Grand Rapids… I’m still waiting on the sunshine and warmer weather. I can’t wait to wear my Sperry’s without socks. Instead, I wear my rain boots. And a couple days ago, I could even wear my snow boots! Oh well, I know spring is on it’s way. I can feel it.

I’m talking spring because that’s the theme of you capture this week. Here are my photos:

Daises, my favorite.

Being (almost) done with school screams spring to me.

I took this last picture outside of Olive Garden. I spotted this budding tree while I was inside, enjoying a lovely meal and I thought it would be perfect for the theme this week. That’s what photo challenges do, people… they get inside your mind, and you tend to notice things you usually wouldn’t pay attention to! It’s a beautiful thing.

Aside from taking my pictures, I am running around like a crazy woman preparing for finals and moving out. The rest of the semester is going to be a whirlwind. That’s why every now and again, I need to stop. And breathe. And read some blogs. And then write on my own blog! 🙂

Oh, before I go, I want to share a really cool project that my blog-friend, Beth, is doing. She just started an Etsy shop. There’s really awesome photography you can purchase and all the proceeds go to March of Dimes. Check out Beth’s site for more information and then go to June Afternoons on Etsy, ok!?