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This summer was GREAT, no doubt about that. It was filled with moments that I will remember throughout the year, the ones that will get me through the dead of winter.

I’ve been thinking lately about time… how fast it goes, how I don’t seem to have enough of it, how I take it for granted. I had a lot of time this summer. I spent my days freely, usually without a schedule or plan. It was such a nice change of pace. And then a few weeks ago, it all slipped out of my fingers again. That’s how life is though… change of course… change of responsibilities.  Now I’m back at it. It’s already move-in week for housing, which is the craziest best week of the year!

Before I move on and get into all the new stuff, I wanted to share some photos from this summer that I haven’t been able to share. These are a few of my favorite summer moments captured. 🙂


Like I said, life has quickly moved from laid-back and carefree to work and preparation for the year! I am living downtown this year… right next to the train and Pew campus. It’s wonderful. Part of me misses Allendale (I lived there for the past 3 years!). But this is a whole new adventure. Through all of this, I am learning how to stay positive even in challenging times and how to trust in God more and more. After all, His ways are better than mine.

So long summer. I’m ready for a good year.


Another week has gone by! Sheesh oh peets. Here I am, with another Saturday sweet! This may be the last for a while… I am moving this coming week, starting RA training, and then classes begin! Oh wowwww, August. 😉

So I hope you enjoy this post!

I made strawberry cupcakes for one of my best gal’s bridal shower. Andrea is a lovely girl and dear friend to me. She deserves everything sweet and good… so it was only natural that I would bake some cupcakes for her shower!

[kevin cut up MANY a strawberries to help me out!]

[strawberry goodness]

[all finished!]

I got this recipe out of my martha stewart cupcake book. It was real easy. I chose to use a whipped cream alternative to frosting! They were so yummy.