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Christmas time really is a magical time of the year. Take away all of the shopping hustle and bustle, things to do, places to go, and you’ve got the most peaceful and remarkable times of the year. Today, Christmas Eve day, I am taking the time to remember what this season is about. I haven’t really felt ready for Christmas this year, not because I haven’t bought all my gifts yet, but because I haven’t taken the time yet to remember… to wait… for the birth of baby Jesus. It’s all about that right? Jesus’ story is the most magical story ever told. And to Him, I give thanks and remember each year that He gave us the greatest gift of all.

Here are some “holiday magic (& lights)” photos taken for You Capture this week!


Ornaments on my friend Kristina’s Christmas tree.

mothers and daughters

My Grandma, Mom, and I spending time together.


Decorated lights in my front yard. Good job, dad. 😉


Merry Christmas!!!


I live in a dorm room that consists of the essentials… my bed, desk, little couch, those sort of things. I do not, however have a kitchen. That’s why when it’s time to head home for the holidays, it’s time to bake. My mom says one of the things that drew her into buying our house is our kitchen. Might I say, it is large, open, white, and pretty. Yesterday, as I was making delicious cookies [posted below], I was imagining what my own kitchen will look like one day. I want to have a spot for my apron to hang and a small shelf filled with cookbooks.

When I saw these cookies on a blog, they looked so easy (I mean, they don’t even have to go into the oven!) that I couldn’t pass them up. The ingredients include: ritz crackers, peanut butter, and vanilla almond bark. To get more details visit:


Finished product.

me & cookies

Me with the cookies. [photo credits: KFS :)]

I cannot stop eating these cookies. That’s what Christmas break is for, right? A little indulging. A little enjoying. Aaaannd a little working out, ha.


I am home for winter break and it’s quite lovely being home. These are some of the things I love about it: home cooked meals, brothers, a big Christmas tree and various decorations, hugs from my mom & dad, Snickers (my pup), being closer to my friends & bf, good toilet paper (ha!), peace & quiet… the list could go on. I love the feeling of coming home. It feels exciting, warm, and fulfilling.

Yesterday I left school and made the 13 minute drive home to my house. Before I left, I managed to snap a picture outside, which is the theme for “you capture” this week! Now, this is by no means a good pic. But I was excited because yesterday it snowed a little, which is shown in this picture. I’m hoping for some more snow in the near future. I mean, Christmas is coming! There’s gotta be more snow! 🙂

Allendale. MI


15 (ish) long weeks have come and gone. Another semester… (almost) done. It’s crazy how time flies by. But I gotta say, I am glad this semester is coming to close. It brought on it’s share of new experiences and I am learning that I find comfort and peace in stability and routine. I need a little more of that. Next semester, although I will have new classes, the other stuff [like managing my life of being an RA] will be more like routine. YES!


I busted out the books tonight. 🙂  Here’s to finishing strong!

Here I am, mid-exam week, blogging. Never though that would happen! But. I came across something recently that I am just excited about.

Well, my boyfriend and I are kinda-sorta into photography. 😉 We just purchased a brand-spanking new camera that I really don’t know how to use. A couple days ago, I found a site that has a new photo challenge every week. This challenge is called “You Capture” and every week, there will be a different theme to follow [to find out more, click on the icon below my picture!]. Suddenly I knew that this challenge was something I was interested in! and BAM! Here I am… starting my blog and taking pics left and right. This weeks challenge is “sweet.”


One of my favorite kind of Ben&Jerry’s. It’s especially sweet if you share it with someone you love.

That’s it for tonight, world. More words (and photos!) to come soon.