I’ve been on a baking hiatus.

There are lots of reasons for this, but the fact of the matter is… I’m back!

Today, I made chocolate chip cookies. Yep, just normal chocolate chip cookies but let me tell you, I was just so happy. I forgot what baking does to me! I stood in my two foot wide kitchen, stirring and thinking, I hope that I love baking for the rest of my life. I hope that I have more time in the future to bake. I hope I have a family to bake for. Like, little kids. So I can make yummy little treats for them.

Also, on another note.

I have been blasting Christmas music today. Yeah, it may be a little early, I will admit. But hey, it makes me happy and I’m excited so I will not stop.

I’m wearing my Christmas PJ’s to bed these days too.

It’s great.

It won’t be long that this season will be over and we will be starting preparations for next Christmas!!! (Yes, like how they do it in ELF!)

Anyway, this all relates you see. This baking today has got me thinking about all the baking I am going to do!  Christmas is a coming, and it will be a wonderful time to BAKE! I want to bake all sorts of things when I go home for Christmas break. So, I am going to start compiling my baking concoctions and be prepared. 🙂